Magisk Update V14.0 [06 Sept 2017]

November 23, 2017

Hari ini ada pembaruan dari Magisk, sebelumnya rilis Magisk Stabil versi 13.3, saat ini sudah menjadi versi 14.0.

Harap baca artikel saya di sini untuk penjelasan lengkapnya.

Apa yang baru di Magisk:
- [script] Simplify installation scripts
- [script] Fix a bug causing backing up and restoring stock boot images failure
- [script] Installation and uninstallation will migrate old or broken stock boot image backups to proper format
- [script] Fix an issue with selabel setting in util_functions on Lollipop
- [rc script] Enable logd in post-fs to start logging as early as possible
- [MagiskHide] magisk.img mounted is no longer a requirement
Devices with issues mounting magisk.img can now run in proper core-only mode
- [MagiskBoot] Add native function to extract stock SHA1 from ramdisk
- [b64xz] New tool to extract compressed and encoded binary dumps in shell script
- [busybox] Add busybox to Magisk source, and embed multi-arch busybox binary into update-binary shell script
- [busybox] Busybox is added into PATH for all boot scripts (post-fs-data.d, service.d, and all module scripts)
- [MagiskSU] Fully fix multiuser issues
- [Magic Mount] Fix a typo in cloning attributes
- [Daemon] Fix the daemon crashing when boot scripts opens a subshell
- [Daemon] Adjustments to prevent stock Samsung kernel restrictions on exec system calls for binaries started from /data
- [Daemon] Workaround on Samsung device with weird fork behaviors

Cara Pasang:

Jika sudah pernah menginstall Magisk:
  1. Instal / upgrade Magisk Manager (Anda akan menerima pemberitahuan saat ada versi Magisk Manager yang baru).
  2. Install / upgrade Magisk seperti yang diminta dalam aplikasi.
  3. Reboot dan selesai !!!

Jika Anda belum pernah memasang Magisk atau ada yang tidak beres atau ingin menginstall ulang Magisk (Recommended):
  1. Uninstall Magisk Manager (jika Magisk sudah terpasang sebelumnya) atau Unroot via SuperSU (jika pernah memasang SuperSU).
  2. (Wajib) Kembalikan boot image anda kembali ke stok (dengan cara mem-flash magisk uninstaller jika Magisk sudah terpasang sebelumnya) atau restore BOOT.IMG backupan kamu. Abaikan jika ponsel belum pernah dimodifikasi.
  3. Download Magisk Uninstaller disini,
  4. Download file zip Magisk terbaru disini,
  5. Reboot ke recovery mode.
  6. Flash
  7. Reboot.
  8. Jika Magisk Manager tidak terinstal secara otomatis, instal Magisk Manager secara manual, download Magisk Manager disini, MagiskManager-v5.5.0.apk
  9. Selesai.

Terima kasih sudah berkunjung kesini, ditunggu komentarnya.

NB: Tested and work di Redmi Note 3 Pro

Module SafetyNet Fix khusus Magisk v14.0:
Download SafetyNet Fix v2 beta 5



Update Magisk Manager ke versi 5.5.0 (22 Dec 2017):
v5.5.0 - Download: MagiskManager-v5.5.0.apk
- Fix dynamic resource loading, prevent crashes when checking SafetyNet
- Update SignAPK to use very little RAM for supporting old devices
- Support settings migration after hiding Magisk Manager
- Add reboot menu in modules section
- Add dark theme to superuser request dialogs
- Properly handle new HIGHCOMP and add recommended KEEPVERITY and KEEPFORCEENCRYPT flags for installation
- Support new paths for v14.6
- Massive improvements in repackaging Magisk Manager

Update Magisk Manager ke versi 5.4.3 (23 Nov 2017):
v5.4.3 - Download: MagiskManager-v5.4.3.apk
- Add flags to intent to prevent crashes
- Update translations

Update Magisk Manager ke versi 5.4.0 (15 Oct 2017):
v5.4.0 - Download: MagiskManager-v5.4.0.apk
- SafetyNet checks now require external code extension (for 100% FOSS)
- Repo loading will now show real-time progress instead of blank screen
- Show progress when downloading an online module
- Allow secondary users to access superuser settings if allowed
- Fix several places where external storage is needed but forgot to request
- Fetching online repo info from sever is significantly faster thanks to multithreading
- Pulling down Download page will now force a full refresh, thanks to the faster loading speed
- Using new resetprop tool to properly detect MagiskHide status

Sources (Magisk Core Scripts and Boot Image patching) (sepolicy tools used in both Magisk and MagiskSU) (Open source root) (libsepol for magiskpolicy and Superuser) (all compression libraries used in MagiskBoot) (patch busybox sources and generate headers and based on config) (ndk-build compilable busybox source generated with ndk-busybox-kitchen) (Magisk Manager)

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October 11, 2017 at 12:41 PM delete

Saya mau nanya gan, saya kan udah pasang superSU dan magisk, tapi keduanya tidak bisa dibuka, dan akses root juga tidak terdeteksi, masih unroot saja, mohon bantuannya.

October 15, 2017 at 7:58 PM delete

Pasang salah satu aja, Magisk atau superSU.. Sekarang solusinya unuinstall SuperSU dahulu, lalu install ulang magisk nya

June 23, 2018 at 5:44 AM delete

Enter your comment...sebelumnya saya sudah root pakai supersu, trus jajal2 instal magisk via twrp, dan tau2 supersu hilang. buka magisk manager status unroot. ada tanda minta upgrade magisknya tapi gagal2 terus

June 24, 2018 at 6:00 PM delete

Patikan terhubung kejaringan saat update magisknya


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