AGNi Kernel untuk Redmi Note 3 Pro

December 04, 2017

Kali ini admin akan membagikan kernel yang dibuild oleh psndna88@xda, mendukung ROM MIUI android 6.0 (Marshmallow) sampai 7.0 (Nougat; porting) dan ROM basis LOS dari Nougat sampai Oreo.

Kernel Special Features: Based on caf/LA.BR.1.3.7_rb1.4, LOS15.0 official sources with selectively picked mods/patches


AGNi pureMIUI-MM/N | AGNi pureLOS-N/O v11.6:- 4 Desember 2017
Download Link:

  • wcd9335: modify HPH processing v5
  • ASoC: wcd9335: Fix compander disable after SSR
  • wcd9335: fix RX0_RX_VOL_MIX for soundcontrol's earpiece gain
  • wcd-mbhc-v2: move work functions to separate high priority workqueue
  • revert "ASoC: msm8x16-wcd: Update HPH PA gain for Tombak"
  • revert "ASoC:[Backported msm-4.4r9] wcd9335: Add support to enable low power mode on codec"
  • revert "sound:soc: Increase tasha wcd9335 sido_voltage"
  • revert "ASoC:wcd9335: remove unused variable and function"
  • revert "ASoC:[Backported msm-4.4r9] wcd9335: Add dapm ignore suspend for backend dais"
Kernel Base Upgrades:
  • Merge caf/LA.BR.1.3.7_rb1.6
  • drivers/gpu/msm: disable GPU wakeup on touch events (Port to kenzo)
  • drivers/gpu/msm: disable adreno irq tracing
  • drivers/gpu/msm: disable kgsl log
  • dts: remove 133MHz gpu pwrlevel & set 200MHz minimum
  • msm: mdss: Restrict display thread to small cluster
  • msm: vidc: Increase minimum input buffer count for VP9 decode
  • rcu: Restrict nocb kthreads to power cluster
  • rcu: disable tracing in tree plugin header
  • Restrict kswapd to the small cluster to reduce power consumption
  • msm: ipa3: header file change for wdi-stats
  • UPSTREAM: ALSA: usb-audio: Kill stray URB at exiting
  • BACKPORT: packet: in packet_do_bind, test fanout with bind_lock held
  • UPSTREAM: packet: hold bind lock when rebinding to fanout hook
  • leds_aw2013: fix brightness & blinking for MIUI-N
  • camera_v2/isp: change buffer_timestamp_new_mode for MIUI-N
  • cpu_boost/msm_performance: fix input boost
  • disable powersuspend v1.5
  • set default TCP Congestion algorithm to Westwood+
AGNi specific additions:
  • AGNi installer: tweak fstab mount options
  • AGNi Control: default slight boost earpiece & mic
  • AGNi Control: tweak input boost-slight option
  • Spectrum: tweak min gpu freqs
  • AGNi installer: don't use modified audio policy files for oreo
  • AGNi Control: add video recording algoithm option for MIUI-N
  • AGNi installer: try fix non apply AGNi Control settings on boot

AGNi pureMIUI-MM/N | AGNi pureLOS-N/O v11.5:- 25 November 2017
Download Link:

  • wcd9335: modify compander for headphone processing v3
  • wcd9335: modify companders for speaker processing 
  • wcd9335: remove increased HPH PA gains by PDesire Audio
  • wcd9335: allow 384KHz sampling rate for headphone
  • wcd933x: remove redundant high_perf_mode tunable
  • slimbus: support 384KHz audio sampling rate
  • wcd-mbhc-v2: show High/Low impedance reporting for headphone
  • wcd-mbhc-v2: modify hph impedance reporting
  • wcd-mbhc-v2: show impedance in agni control jack log
  • ASoC: wcd9335: Fix compander disable after SSR
  • fix reboot bug when notification/screenshot sound when music playback

Kernel Base Upgrades:-
  • Merge 3.10.108 EOL
  • Merge caf/LA.BR.1.3.6_rb1.24
  • Merge caf/LA.BR.1.3.7_rb1.5
  • staging: prima: Update to LA.BR.1.3.7_rb1.5

  • fix pureMIUI-MM selinux related boot problems
  • Fix led blinking and video recording issues in pureMIUI-N
  • Fix OREO random reboot/bootloop issues
  • Update compatibility with magisk v14+ and supersu SR5
  • firmware_class: reduce firmware loading timeout for replacement screens
  • disable mmc deferred resume to fix late wakeup on VoLTE call
  • vidc: remove hal session flush (fixes black screen on video in Oreo)
  • drivers/power: some fixups
  • dts: revert changes to haptics
  • kcal: reduce more compensation for fix yellow tint for boe panel
  • dtsi: adjust prim panel and panel-supply as per latest miui
  • wakelock: disable PDesire Dynamic wakelock blocker by default
  • sdcardfs_mm: add missing Flag files as non-mappable
  • uksm: make less aggressive during run while charging
  • revert "drivers/power: retain changes before caf/LA.BR.1.3.7_rb1.3

  • drivers/cpufreq: Update Interactive CPU Governor
  • drivers/mmc/block.c: support REQ_META access
  • lib/lz4: make arrays static const,reduces object code size
  • cpu-boost: Decrease priority of notifier_block
  • PM/sleep: Mechanism for aborting system suspends unconditionally
  • arm64: Use optimized memcmp
  • arm64: Import optimized strrchr from newlib
  • arm64: strcmp: Align to cache and preload
  • dts: updates to cpu-bwmon and msm_thermal
  • sched: some fixes
  • kernel/rcu: restore to older state
  • BACKPORT: xfrm: Clear sk_dst_cache when applying per-socket policy
  • qpnp-smbcharger: conditional power efficient wq for boardtemp
  • msm: camera: Bound check for num_of_stream.
  • vidc: partial restore to older state
  • drivers: video: mdss: Fix direct references to HZ
  • fs: f2fs: Fix direct references to HZ
  • dts: kenzo rpm-regulator-ldoa6 always on
  • Partial revert "Power efficient workqueue patches (squashed)"
  • camera_v2/isp: add buffer_timestamp_new_mode used for LOS-N & O
  • powersuspend: add power_suspended boolean for global access

New Additions:-
  • boeffla_wl_blocker: implement v1.1.0
  • rcu: 3x aggressive RCU_FAST_NO_HZ
  • cpufreq: Introduce fingerprint boost driver
  • kernel/power: new PM kernel driver for powersuspend v1.5
  • Reduced debugging/tracing:-
  • binder: disable tracing
  • block/blk-core: disable tracing
  • prima: disable tracing
  • kgsl,adreno: disable tracing
  • drivers/mmc: disable tracing
  • drivers/cpufreq: interactive disable tracing
  • wcd9335: disable debug mode
  • bcl,msm_thermal: disable tracing
  • Disable a TON more of tracing

AGNi specific additions:-
  • AGNi control: add options for speaker & headphone lineout gain levels
  • AGNi control: add PDesire dynamic wakelock blocker option
  • AGNi control: add sound codec power save option
  • AGNi installer: auto install of old thermal libs for MIUI-N & option for MIUI-MM (solves heating problems with permissive selinux)
  • AGNi installer: remove wifi channel bonding option (moved to agni toolbox)

AGNi pureMIUI-MM/N | AGNi pureLOS-N/O v11.4r2:- 31 Oktober 2017
Download Link:

  • r2:wcd9335: enable PDesire Audio UHQA mode
  • r2: disable RCU_NOCB_CPU
  • r2: msm: ispif: Remove handling of SD_SHUTDOWN
  • fs: add option to drop pagecache on suspend (enabled default)
  • camera_v2/isp: fix AGNi MIUI-N camera video recording
  • drivers/power: retain changes before caf/LA.BR.1.3.7_rb1.3
  • msm_eeprom: free memory on errors during init
  • leds: qpnp-flash: Fix switch brightness not stored
  • fs: dynamic sync 2.1 - option to only force sync during panic/reboot
  • drivers/iommu: update from caf/LA.BR.1.3.7_rb1.3
  • dts: kenzo: import missing bits from kenzo-l-oss
  • wcd-mbhc-v2: handle condition for sysfs infinite impedance reporting
  • wcd-mbhc-v2: show headphone impedance by sysfs
  • wcd-mbhc-v2: add a simple api to query the audio jack state at any point in time
  • sound_control: add speaker private mode
  • wcd933x: enable high_perf_mode by default
  • sound:codecs: disable PDesireAudio by default
  • msm_performance: allow cpu workload detection for perfd
  • binder: disable security enhancements by default
  • cpu-boost: fix derp
  • revert "ASoC:[Backported msm-4.4r9] wcd9335: add all child devices of codec"
  • revert "ASoC:[Backported msm-4.4r9] msm: fix ULL playback over a2dp"
  • revert "kernel/rcu: restore to older state
  • revert "ARM: dts: msm: Early mount of system partition for msm8976/52"
  • AGNi Control: add perfd option
  • AGNi Control: add speaker private mode option
  • AGNi Control: reduced default swappiness to 10
  • AGNi Control: add option to see headphone impedance
  • AGNi Control: add option to see audio jack driver log
  • AGNi installer: updated update-binary,updater-script
  • AGNi installer: allow running perfd with tweaked agni configs


AGNi Toolbox
- Menghapus FingerPrint Security+Data
- Memeriksa dan memperbaiki ext4 filesystems di /system /data /cache
- Menghapus Battery Stats Data
- Menghapus Lock Screen Security
- Menambahkan dukungan untuk mendeteksi fat32/exfat/ext4/ntfs dan memperbaiki otomatis kesalahan system,data,cache,sdcard,usb-otg (Jalankan dari penyimpanan internal untuk memindai filesystem sdcard eksternal)
- Menambahkan pilihan untuk menghapus magisk v12 dan diatasnya (Harus memflash ulang boot.img asli)
- Menambahkan pilihan untuk mengambil dump last_kmsg ke internal storage dari recovery untuk mendiagnosa bootloop.
- Pembaruan updater binary dan script
- Menambahkan pilihan 2.4GHz wifi channel bonding

AGNi ScreenModes App
Berfungsi untuk mengelola profil layar kcal

CAMERA LIBS untuk kenzo/kate:
blobs untuk sensor kamera:
- ov16880_f16v01a
- ov16880_omida05
- s5k5e8_z5e8yab
- s5k5e8_yx13
- face detection extension blobs

- termasuk goodix hal dan libs
- termasuk goodix wrapper lib yang memuat fpc atau goodix sesuai perangkat keras yang terdeteksi oleh kernel cmdline (diambil dari NOS)
- patch boot.img untuk menambahkan dukungan goodix (berguna untuk ROM tanpa dukungan goodix)
- menambahkan file sepolicy yang didukung untuk boot.img (membuat goodix berfungsi dengan enforcing selinux)

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