Nitrogen OS Beta 8.1 20171226 untuk Redmi Note 3 Pro

December 27, 2017

ROM ini based AOSP, Android versi 8.1.0, Oreo, dibuild oleh xyyx@xda asal Rusia. Perlu diketahui rom ini masih beta, yang artinya belum stabil, tidak direkomendasi buat kamu yang menginginkan rom stabil tanpa bug.

   * device/oneplus/oneplus3/
013e046 op3(t): Update to WiFi 1.1

   * device/xiaomi/kenzo/
a5478a1 BoardConfig: add USE_DEVICE_SPECIFIC_GPS
31bcf94 kenzo: Update to WiFi 1.1

   * frameworks/base/
e323d78 Footer brightness buttons: make touch area more reliable
2fc8b4d Footer brightness slider: improve hide/show animation
41ae5ee Brightness slider buttons: make them dynamic (auto and manual)
9506f25 Footer brightness slider: fix FC and code cleanup
fcf57c1 Make use of the brightness slider buttons
9cac241 Rework auto brightness implementation
9ded997 Brightness control on footer
3fe453b frameworks: base: Port password retention feature

   * hardware/qcom/audio/
c854ebc hardware: qcom: audio: Add build barrier for CAF and AOSP

   * hardware/qcom/display/
3751e9b display: msm8994: replace %zd with %ld for ssize_t argument
ec8271f display: add CAF vs. AOSP hal separation ifdef

   * hardware/qcom/gps/
ec7a742 gps: Add guard makefile

   * hardware/qcom/media/
8f6400f media: add CAF vs. AOSP hal separation ifdef

   * kernel/oneplus/msm8996/
f904151 Linux 3.18.90
726116b fm10k: ensure we process SM mbx when processing VF mbx
80401f4 scsi: lpfc: PLOGI failures during NPIV testing
5d72dd56 scsi: lpfc: Fix secure firmware updates
fcf5733 PCI/AER: Report non-fatal errors only to the affected endpoint
8bee518 igb: check memory allocation failure
7e2ea4a PCI: Create SR-IOV virtfn/physfn links before attaching driver
2675e08 scsi: cxgb4i: fix Tx skb leak
9e6ad01 PCI: Avoid bus reset if bridge itself is broken
f54711b net: phy: at803x: Change error to EINVAL for invalid MAC
a891a57 crypto: crypto4xx - increase context and scatter ring buffer elements
711d711 backlight: pwm_bl: Fix overflow condition
9c0a695 cpuidle: powernv: Pass correct drv->cpumask for registration
ac6f107 ARM: dma-mapping: disallow dma_get_sgtable() for non-kernel managed memory
2b8ce5b xhci: plat: Register shutdown for xhci_plat
e19f670 isdn: kcapi: avoid uninitialized data
e9af61e ARM: dts: am335x-evmsk: adjust mmc2 param to allow suspend
64af520 netfilter: nf_nat_snmp: Fix panic when snmp_trap_helper fails to register
ad15cdc netfilter: nfnl_cthelper: fix a race when walk the nf_ct_helper_hash table
1413957 irda: vlsi_ir: fix check for DMA mapping errors
fd8e5d2 i40e: Do not enable NAPI on q_vectors that have no rings
c381e3c net: Do not allow negative values for busy_read and busy_poll sysctl interfaces
9b09769 s390/qeth: no ETH header for outbound AF_IUCV
d90eaa4 HID: xinmo: fix for out of range for THT 2P arcade controller.
92b3ec1 hwmon: (asus_atk0110) fix uninitialized data access
de338d6 ARM: dts: ti: fix PCI bus dtc warnings
debd981 KVM: x86: correct async page present tracepoint
82b28fb scsi: lpfc: Fix PT2PT PRLI reject
8e7f5f9 netfilter: nfnl_cthelper: Fix memory leak
f33f68f netfilter: nfnl_cthelper: fix runtime expectation policy updates
5e2c2b9 usb: gadget: udc: remove pointer dereference after free
6e5e0d9 usb: gadget: f_uvc: Sanity check wMaxPacketSize for SuperSpeed
fe3d5fd net: qmi_wwan: Add USB IDs for MDM6600 modem on Motorola Droid 4
135e67c crypto: deadlock between crypto_alg_sem/rtnl_mutex/genl_mutex
f667183 r8152: fix the list rx_done may be used without initialization
250f236 cpuidle: Validate cpu_dev in cpuidle_add_sysfs()
4ca2b12 ALSA: hda - add support for docking station for HP 820 G2
fa899fa arm64: Initialise high_memory global variable earlier

   * packages/apps/Settings/
6bff647 Changelog: Fix text selection with dot

GApps: OpenGapps 8.1 UNOFFICIAL (pilih nano atau pico)

Cara Pasang:
  • Letakkan ROM dan Gapps di SD Card.
  • Reboot ke TWRP recovery
  • Wipe Data, Cache dan Dalvik
  • Install ROM dan Gapps.
  • Reboot - Reboot awal membutuhkan waktu 5-10 menit.

  • Deteksi sim setelah boot (random)
  • VOLTE video call
  • Hidden wifi (Harus mematikan dan menghidupkan layar setelah menambahkan)
  • GOODIX Fingerprint






Android OS version: 8.1.0_r1
For devices: Kenzo
Authors build: xyyx
Source code: |
Developers: xyyx
Thanks: billchen1977 for brilliant work on Kenzo, ezio84, beanstown106, maxwen and etc.

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