AGNi Kernel v12.7 08-04-2018 untuk Redmi Note 3 Pro

April 09, 2018

Kali ini admin akan membagikan kernel yang dibuild oleh psndna88@xda, mendukung ROM MIUI android 6.0 (Marshmallow) sampai 7.0 (Nougat; porting) dan ROM basis LOS dari Nougat sampai Oreo.

Kernel Features
General Improvements:
  • Built with custom UBERTC GCC 8.0.0 on Windows 10 Pro x64
  • Full -O3 enhanced optimizations with device and target flags, build improvements, etc
  • Removed a ton of debug and logging to improve performance
  • ARM64 enhanced performance and battery patches
  • CVE security patches, general upstream and CAF fixes - upstreamed to Linux 3.10.108 and added patches from CAF LA.BR.1.3.6 & Android 8 release LA.BR.1.3.7
CPU & GPU Improvements:
  • Interactive governor tuned to achieve maximum performance with best battery life by default
  • Several CPU Governors available - Interactive, Blu_Active, CAF active, Cultivation, Darkness, ElementalX, Chill, Bioshock, Despair, Relaxed, Ironactive, Wheatley, ALUcard
  • Slight OC, mild undervolt to reduce heat and improve stability and battery life
  • Input boost, touch boost, wakeup boost, hotplug boost available, all off by default
  • IntelliPlug, MSM hotplug and Lazyplug hotplugging available, all off by default
  • Adreno Idler and Adrenoboost available, all off by default
  • CPU and GPU Voltage control (optional)
Network improvements:
  • Implemented Wireguard VPN support usable with Azire VPN
  • Enhanced TCP methods - reno, htcp, highspeed, westwood+, CDG, Network and Wifi tweaks and updated drivers
  • Option to enable 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channel bonding while installing => moved to AGNi Toolbox
I/O improvements:
  • Several I/O control tweaks, added schedulers (Zen, SIO, SIOplus, BFQ, CFQ, Maple, Tripndroid, Row, Deadline, V(R), No-OP [FIOPS is default]), tweaked and updated filesystems (EXT4, F2FS, ExFAT, NTFS & CIFS)
  • Adaptive LMK, LZ4 ZRAM available and on by default for better multitasking
  • ext4-lazytime mounting for /system, /data, /cache (improves filesystem performance)
  • UKSM while charging to optimize RAM use
  • Auto file caches drop on screen turn-off to clear unwanted stuff from RAM
  • Dynamic FileSync toggle on/off
  • Supports SDCARDFS, CIFS, exFAT
  • Disabled I/O CRC check for more performance
Screen Improvements:
  • sRGB and KCAL - Advanced color control for Qualcomm MDSS v2 (RGB calibration and post-processing features)
  • Backlight dimmer for lower minimum brightness
  • Wake gestures, dt2w, s2s and s2w for all panels
Sound improvements:
  • modify headphone processing for increased fidelity
  • modify speaker processing for clarity
  • allow 384KHz sampling rate for headphone
  • PDesireAudio ported to kenzo
  • Implemented flar2 sound control along with Franco sound control
  • Slimbus OC for better sound quality
  • Added a lot of audio enhancements (heaven for audiophiles)
  • Fixed earpiece & mic boost
  • Ported hybrid headphone jack driver from Sony 3.18 with CAF patches for faster detection
  • Headphone impedance detection
  • Headphone mic volume boost
  • Fix earphone Jack's various problems
Battery improvements:
  • USB Fast Charge (USB mode up to 900mA with MTP on)
  • PDesire & Boeffla Wakelock blockers
  • Power efficient workqueues
  • Option to replace thermal blobs with old ones which may help to resolve slow charging issue while installing
  • Fast charging with maximum 2100mA safe limit with temperature control
  • Miscellaneous improvements:
  • Optimized hardware accelerated crc+crypto routines
  • Implemented lot of security fixes
  • Vibrator Strength tunable
  • Notification LED brightness options
  • Can use device as USB keyboard and mouse with the app by pelya
  • Option to select SElinux mode while installing
  • Compatibility with Magisk v14+ and SuperSU SR5
  • Compatible with Kernel Auditor and EX Kernel Manager
  • Spectrum app profiles support
AGNi improvements:
  • Custom Agni Control app for all your kernel control needs, has many useful CPU profiles and advanced options, available while installing
  • Custom Agni ScreenModes app which has various KCAL profiles to improve screen experience, available while installing
  • Works on all Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo ROMs
Kernel Special Features:
  • Based on caf/LA.BR.1.3.7_rb1.6, LOS15.0 official sources with selectively picked mods/patches

Download Link
AGNi pureMIUI-MM/N (Khusus ROM MIUI 8/MIUI 9)
Untuk ROM MIUI Android Marshmallow:
Untuk ROM MIUI Android Nougat:
Halaman Download XDA: Lihat Semua Versi (XDA)

AGNi pureLOS-N/O (Khusus ROM Base LineageOS/AOSP)
Untuk CUSTOM ROM base LOS/AOSP Nougat:
Untuk CUSTOM ROM base LOS/AOSP Oreo:
Halaman Download XDA: Lihat Semua Versi (XDA)

  • audio: add Texas Instruments AW8738 High Performance 4W Smart speaker Amplifier driver (ktommy91)
  • audio: add misc device sysfs for AW8738 speaker Amplifier
  • enable AW8738 speaker Amplifier by default
  • ASoC: wcd9335: Set 12dB gain for speaker playback
  • audio: add G711 audio encoding support (ktommy91)
  • ASoc: msm: qdsp6v2: add support for AAC LATM playback
  • ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: add support for DTS offload
  • ASoC: msm: Aptx decoder integration changes (ktommy91)
  • ALSA: compress: Add APTX format support in ALSA
  • Add 32 bit 384kHz audio playback support (ktommy91)
  • sound: msm: qdsp6v2: optimize for size
New Additions:
  • set CONFIG_HZ=250
  • Convert many qcom drivers to use msecs_to_jiffies insted of HZ
  • qpnp-fg: remove debug logging soc_work
  • qpnp-smbcharger: remove regs dump debugging
  • qpnp-smbcharger: make 2100mA max default charging current
  • qpnp-smbcharger: set 4.4v as max battery full voltage
  • qpnp-smbcharger: remove 9v charging support for QC 2.0
  • qpnp-fg/smbcharger: rebase to caf/LA.BR.1.3.6_rb1.25
  • input: ft5346_ts: force firmware flash to stock 0x20 based on cmdline
  • input: ft5346_ts: force firmware flash if detected version is not stock 0x20
  • enable SYSVIPC [MIUI-MM]
  • crypto: msm: fix build for qcedev & qcrypto for only [MIUI-MM/N]
  • Merge stuff from caf/LA.BR.1.3.4_rb1.33 for [MIUI-MM]
  • mm: page_alloc: port xiaomi's freepages migration policy [MIUI-MM/N]
  • kernel: cgroup: port Frozen App support for [MIUI-MM/N]
  • block,net/core: misc changes from xiaomi
  • dts: enable esd-check for tianma panel
  • kernel/audit: use printk_ratelimited for audit_printk_skb()
  • kconfig: add a boolean for indicating MIUI-MM/N build
  • PM / devfreq: Add an interface to boost devices when the screen is woken
  • PM / devfreq: Reduce wake boost duration to 5000 ms
  • alarmtimer: don't rate limit one-shot timers
  • alarmtimer: Rate limit periodic intervals
  • msm: vidc: Clean session when failed to open instance
  • ARM: dts: msm: Set the default governor for cpubw to performance
  • msm: kgsl: Disable UCHE global filter
  • msm: kgsl: Correct protected mode range for 5XX UCHE registers
  • msm: kgsl: Add EXEC permission to the unassign call
  • VOSS: vos_mem_compare should always use const parameters
  • thermal-core: Fix invalid sensor data being accepted
  • msm: thermal: Add sysfs nodes to control parameters
  • genirq: Set irq thread to RT priority on creation
  • percpu_counter: make percpu_counters_lock irq-safe
  • percpu_counter: update debugobjects fixup callbacks return type
  • percpu_counter: batch size aware __percpu_counter_compare()
  • lib/percpu_counter.c: fix bad percpu counter state during suspend
  • qseecom: release ION memory if qseecom failed to unload app
  • sched/core: Fix &rd->rto_mask memory leak
  • sched, smp: Correctly deal with nested sleeps
  • sched: Fix sleep time double accounting in enqueue entity
  • sched: Add a check for cpu unbound deferrable timers
  • BACKPORT: sched: Fix cpu_active_mask/cpu_online_mask race
  • sched/deadline: Unify dl_time_before() usage
  • sched/deadline: Fix wrap-around in DL heap
  • sched/core: Fix &rd->cpudl memory leak
  • sched/rt/nohz: Stop scheduler tick if running realtime task
  • cpu_pm/rt: replace rt rwlock with raw spinlock
  • sched/deadline: Don't check SD_BALANCE_FORK
  • sched/core: Enable increased load resolution on 64-bit kernels
  • sched/deadline: Optimize pull_dl_task()
  • arm64: traps: simplify die() and __die()
  • arm64: Fix compilation error on UP builds
  • arm64: fix missing syscall trace exit
  • arm64: Tell irq work about self IPI support
  • sched: Fix odd values in effective_load() calculations
  • BACKPORT: arm64: Correctly bounds check virt_addr_valid
  • msm: msm_bus: Fix memory corruption in alloc_handle_lst
  • sched: Use cached value of span instead of calling sched_domain_span()
  • sched: Create for_each_sd_topology()
  • sched: Don't set sd->child to NULL when it is already NULL
  • sched: Don't initialize alloc_state in build_sched_domains()
  • sched: Optimize build_sched_domains() for saving first SD node for a cpu
  • sched: Remove unused params of build_sched_domain()
  • sched: Clean up idle task SMP logic
  • drivers: cpu-boost: optimize policy update loop on input cpufreq boost
  • sound: msm: qdsp6v2: fix memset-transposed-args warning
  • mdss: dsi: Fix null dereferences
  • msm: mdss: Fix potential pipe NULL pointer dereference
  • cpufeature: correctly annotate the module init function
  • arm64: move sp_el0 and tpidr_el1 into cpu_suspend_ctx.
  • arm64: PSCI Wrapper for branch predictor flush.
  • arm64: Implement branch predictor hardening for cortex A57, A72.
  • arm64: Add skeleton to harden the branch predictor against aliasing attacks.
  • drivers/firmware: Expose psci_get_version through psci_ops structure.
  • arm64: Move post_ttbr_update_workaround to C code.
  • arm64: Delay ELF HWCAP initialisation until all CPUs are up
  • msm: ipa: Prevent deletion of the default route rule
  • md: dm-req-crypt: fixed error propagation when ICE is used
  • fs: dcache: Allow sharing external names after __d_move()
  • fs: dcache: new helper: dentry_free()
  • msm: ipa: Fix to add string NULL terminator
  • mmc: cmdq-hci: Change unnecessary pr_err logs to pr_debug
  • mmc: sdhci: Avoid leaking kernel addresses
  • ASoC: msm: qdsp6v2: check for buffer size before read
  • ASoC: wcd_cpe_core: Add mutex lock for CPE session
  • diag: Validate copying length against source buffer length
  • UPSTREAM: sysfs: add sysfs_create/remove_groups()
  • UPSTREAM: selinux: enable genfscon labeling for tracefs
  • BACKPORT: pids: make task_tgid_nr_ns() safe
  • BACKPORT: net: xfrm: support setting an output mark
  • CHROMIUM: oom: do not select new victim if current one is runnable
  • panic: add cpu/pid to warn_slowpath_common in WARNING printk()s
  • compiler.h: squashed commit
  • ion: adjust system heap pool orders
  • arch/arm64: skip randomization within stack
  • cpufreq: Iterate over all the possible cpus to create powerstats.
  • block: maple: Use better presets
  • irq_work: improve the flag definitions
  • sched: Prefer awake CPUs over idle
  • enable SYN_COOKIES,INET_LRO(Large Receive Offload),SYSVIPC(MIUI-MM)
  • ipc: fake System V IPC syscalls to allow booting with Android 7.0+
  • binder_n: make more close to stock for miui-MM (from hydrogen-m-oss)
  • BACKPORT: futex: Prevent overflow by strengthen input validation
  • crypto: speck - add test vectors for Speck64-XTS
  • crypto: speck - add test vectors for Speck128-XTS
  • BACKPORT: crypto: arm64/speck - add NEON-accelerated implementation of Speck-XTS
  • crypto: speck - export common helpers
  • crypto: add support for the Speck block cipher
  • sched: Set sched_upmigrate_min_nice to 9
  • arm64: thread_info remove stale items
  • cpufreq: preserve user_policy across suspend/resume
  • cpufreq: Clean up after a failing light-weight initialization
  • cpufreq: use memcpy() to copy policy
  • cpufreq: remove unused notifier: CPUFREQ_{SUSPENDCHANGE|RESUMECHANGE}
  • mnt: Add a per mount namespace limit on the number of mounts
  • fs/xattr.c: zero out memory copied to userspace in getxattr
  • fs: xattr: Use kvfree()
  • fs: add useful debug info to eventpoll string
  • dts: tweakCPU Undervolting
  • msm_thermal: change tunable permissions
  • revert "mm: process_reclaim: Don't use work_pending()
  • revert "fs: splice: introduce FMODE_SPLICE_READ and FMODE_SPLICE_WRITE
  • revert "msm: mdss: Avoid calling wake_up_all() twice in display thread
  • revert "msm: mdss: fix race condition between rotator api's
  • revert "msm: mdss: fix race condition between commit and power off
  • Revert "msm8976/56: dts: enable adreno POPP"
AGNi specific additions:
  • AGNi Control: make 2100mA default max charging current
  • AGNi Control: remove useless cpu governor options
  • AGNi Control,Spectrum balanced: tweak default interactive governor parameters
  • AGNi Installer: change thermal libs replacemnt handling
  • AGNi Installer: add warm screen option during installation
  • AGNi Installer: add EXPERIMENTAL option to force firmware 0x20 flash for replaced Focaltech touchscreens
  • AGNi Installer: add more boost options for earpiece speaker
  • AGNi Installer: disable adreno idler & use only on spectrum battery profile
  • AGNi Installer: tweak cpu undervolt values
  • AGNi Installer: fix handling of selinux enforcement
  • AGNi Installer: try to fix Spectrum support
  • AGNi Installer: tweak lmk,swappiness for 2gb devices
  • AGNi Installer: disable backlight dimmer by default for [MIUI-MM/N]
  • AGNi Installer: disable goodix-libs install for [MIUI-MM/N]
  • AGNi Installer: disable system apps - com.miui.whetstone, [MIUI-MM/N]
  • AGNi Installer: auto Selinux mode is always permissive [LOS-O]

        AGNi Toolbox
        - Menghapus FingerPrint Security+Data
        - Memeriksa dan memperbaiki ext4 filesystems di /system /data /cache
        - Menghapus Battery Stats Data
        - Menghapus Lock Screen Security
        - Menambahkan dukungan untuk mendeteksi fat32/exfat/ext4/ntfs dan memperbaiki otomatis kesalahan system,data,cache,sdcard,usb-otg (Jalankan dari penyimpanan internal untuk memindai filesystem sdcard eksternal)
        - Menambahkan pilihan untuk menghapus magisk v12 dan diatasnya (Harus memflash ulang boot.img asli)
        - Menambahkan pilihan untuk mengambil dump last_kmsg ke internal storage dari recovery untuk mendiagnosa bootloop.
        - Pembaruan updater binary dan script
        - Menambahkan pilihan 2.4GHz wifi channel bonding

        Old & Obsolete Tools
        AGNi ScreenModes AppBerfungsi untuk mengelola profil layar kcal
        Download: AGNi_ScreenModes.apk 
        GOODIX / CAMERA LIBS and CAMERA FC + FLASH FIXCAMERA LIBS untuk kenzo/kate: AGNi_CAM_LIBS_PROPREITARY_KENZO.zipblobs untuk sensor kamera:
        - ov16880_f16v01a
        - ov16880_omida05
        - s5k5e8_z5e8yab
        - s5k5e8_yx13
        - face detection extension blobs 
        Kenzo-Kate_Android7.x_CamFC& (versi uji)
        - termasuk goodix hal dan libs
        - termasuk goodix wrapper lib yang memuat fpc atau goodix sesuai perangkat keras yang terdeteksi oleh kernel cmdline (diambil dari NOS)
        - patch boot.img untuk menambahkan dukungan goodix (berguna untuk ROM tanpa dukungan goodix)
        - menambahkan file sepolicy yang didukung untuk boot.img (membuat goodix berfungsi dengan enforcing selinux)

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