Download MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM 8.4.12 (Update 14 Apr 2018)

April 14, 2018

Perangkat yang mendapatkan update MIUI 9 Global Public Beta ROM:
Mi MIX 2, Redmi Note 4 MTK, Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm/Redmi Note 4X, Mi 6, Mi Note 2, Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, Mi Max, Mi Max Prime, Mi Max 2, Mi 3, Mi 4, Redmi 3, Redmi 3S, Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm, Redmi Note 3 Special Edition, Redmi Note 2, Redmi 4/4X, Redmi 4A, Redmi Note 5A/Y1 Lite, Redmi Note 5A Prime/Y1, Redmi 5, Redmi Note 5 India, Redmi 5 Plus.

Update MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM untuk perangkat dibawah ini ditangguhkan:
Mi 2/2S, Mi 4i, Redmi Note, Redmi Note Prime, Redmi 2, Redmi 2 Prime and Mi Note. Baca: Update Schedule Adjustment of MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM

Catatan: Update untuk Mi 5, Mi Note 2 dan Mi MIX ditangguhkan minggu ini karena masih dalam percobaan Android O. Update untuk Mi 4/Mi 3 ditangguhkan minggu ini.

Mi Browser
New - Top Sites in introduced with New UI. (04-12)
Optimization - Smoother New Feed. (04-12) (India and Indonesia)
New - Quickly switch the language in News Feed. (04-12) ( India and Indonesia)

New - Added quick SMS action buttons for popular SMSes. (04-12)

Split screen
New - Shortcut for the Split screen in Recents (04-10)

Fix - Playing online content gives warning every time with every song even when no data limit is set (04-10)

Fix - Bluetooth often disconnects when playing music (04-03)

Download Link
Mi Max 32G
Recovery 1455M
Fastboot 1711M

Redmi 3
Recovery 958M
Fastboot 1208M

Redmi 3S
Recovery 1262M
Fastboot 1518M

Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm
Recovery 1241M
Fastboot 1501M

Redmi Note 2
Recovery 964M
Fastboot 1340M

Mi Max 64G/128G
Recovery 1455M
Fastboot 1711M

Redmi Note 4 MTK
Recovery 1396M
Fastboot 1706M

Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm/Redmi Note 4X
Recovery 1490M
Fastboot 2025M

Mi 5s
Recovery 1341M
Fastboot 1558M

Mi 5s Plus
Recovery 1364M
Fastboot 1622M

Mi Max 2
Recovery 1598M
Fastboot 2137M

Redmi 4A
Recovery 1315M
Fastboot 1849M

Mi 6
Recovery 1540M
Fastboot 2056M

Redmi Note 5A/Redmi Y1 Lite
Recovery 1263M
Fastboot 1840M

Redmi Note 5A Prime/Redmi Y1
Recovery 1269M
Fastboot 1888M

Mi MIX 2
Recovery 1580M
Fastboot 2080M

Redmi 5A
Recovery 1280M
Fastboot 1859M

Redmi 5
Recovery 1403M
Fastboot 2001M

Redmi 4X
Recovery 1310M
Fastboot 1834M


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